When Will Costco Golf Balls Be Back In Stock?

If you were a golfer back in the 2016s you probably know about the issue between Costco and Titleist.

When will Costco golf balls be back in stock? As far as we know it, they will be back in April. The answer to this question lies deep in the lawsuit between Costco and Titleist. No one knows when for sure when they will be in stock, but some speculations suggest that we can expect them in April.

Why did Costco run out of golf balls stock?

Costco is the wholesale membership club that shocked the world in 2016 when they started selling so-called Kirkland Signature golf balls. If I remember correctly, the price was around $14.99 per dozen which was about a third of the most popular and ranked golf balls. Kirkland Signature golf balls are called miracle golf balls by industry insiders, due to great performance and very low cost. Costco sold them out immediately.

What really happened between Costco and Titleist?

After the hype of Costco golf balls, Acushnet – the producer of the most popular Titleist balls sent Costco wholesale membership club a letter. They accused Costco of infringing over 10 patents and that Costco engaged in false advertising for claiming various claims such as KS balls meet the quality of the most popular national brand balls.

What did Costco do next?

Costco responded quickly with firing a federal complaint on March 17 in Washington, DC.
After a while, they refunded the customers because the balls were made of poor quality.

What happened with the lawsuit?

The case was settled back in 2018 out of court.

When Will Costco Golf Balls Be Back In Stock
When Will Costco Golf Balls Be Back In Stock?
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