List of Golf Lessons for Women near Glenville

Golf is considered a good cardiovascular exercise that could bring a lot of physical and even mental health benefits. Swinging a golf club could help strengthen your core and build muscle. Playing golf also requires walking and because of that it increases your heart rate that could help lower your risk of heart disease and could also prevent type 2 diabetes and stroke. All golf courses are beautifully made and well created and being in a beautiful location could reduce your levels of anxiety and depression.


Playing golf could also build more connections. Many golf players going to a course all by themselves ended up having new friends and company after a game. Golf is a great sport and it can be played by all ages and it is a great opportunity for quality bonding time especially with your family.


Now, if you’re looking for golf lessons for women near Glenville, Cleveland we have here a list of recommendations that could help you learn and improve your golf game experience.


Little Met Golf Course

Address: 18599 Old Lorain Rd, Cleveland, OH 44135

Rating: 4.4 based on 90 votes


Telephone: (216) 941-9672

Little Met Golf Course is the first golf course and probably the only in the region that offers winter-archery golf which is another alternative to golf. It was built in 1924 as a temporary golf course and its purpose back then was to stimulate interest with anxious golfers prior to the opening of Big Met Golf Course. Little Met Golf Course offers several golf lessons for adults and juniors regardless of different skill levels though Academy of Golf.


Manakiki Golf Course

Address: 35501 Eddy Rd, Willoughby, OH 44094

Rating: 4.5 based on 168 votes


Telephone: (440) 942-2500

Manakiki Golf Course is located 17 miles east of Downtown, Cleveland. Its classic designed golf course offers its player a challenging yet playable course designed by Donald Ross. Manakiki Golf Course offers individual and group golf lessons for adult and junior golfers of all skill levels.


Washington Learning Center Golf Course

Address: 3841 Washington Park Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44105

Rating: 4.2 based on 70 votes


Telephone: (216) 641-1864

Featuring a beautiful 9-hole, par 29 golf course, Washington Golf Course is the highlight of Cleveland Metroparks Washington Reservation. Its magnificent golf course was designed by Brit Stenson of International Marketing Group located in Cleveland. Golf lessons for adults and juniors are conducted through the Academy of Golf.


Sleepy Hollow Golf Course

Address: 9445 Brecksville Rd, Cleveland, OH 44141

Rating: 4.4 based on 142 votes


Telephone: (440) 526-4285

Named as one of Golfweek’s top five courses in Ohio, Sleepy Hollow Golf Course offers its players a great experience with its pristine course conditions and fast pace of play at their championship course. Sleepy Hollow Golf Course opened in 1924 as a private country club and was opened in public play in 1963. The course was designed by Stanley Thompson. Sleepy Hollow Golf Course offers excellent golf lessons through Adult and Junior Academy of Golf.


GOLFTEC Cleveland West

Address: 26669 Brookpark Rd, North Olmsted, OH 44070

Rating: 4.3 based on 3 votes


Telephone: (440) 348-1757

GOLFTEC Cleveland West is the answer if you’re looking for golf lessons, golf instruction, or custom golf club fitting. They offer state-of-the-art training center with tools that could help you improve and enhance your game. Their Certified Personal Coaches use the latest golf technology in helping players achieve their goal. GOLFTEC Henderson also offers outdoor and on-course golf lessons.


With top PGA professionals ready to help you with your needs, the possibility of learning and improving the game is high. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golf player already, there’s a place on this list that could help you learn and enhance your game of golf. Options for indoor and outdoor golf lessons are also available from this list.

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Right Elbow Golf Swing

The Golf Master:  How To perfect Your Swings and Elbow Movement

A common debate among golfers is whether you need to perfect one swing or be decent at multiple swings. Those that root for numerous decent swings argue that you need to use many swings in a game, hence the need to know something about each one of them. The perfectionists, on the other hand, argue that if you perfect one swing, it gives you a huge headstart. Furthermore, they say, with the perfect knowledge of the right elbow golf swing, it is easy to improve in other swings.

Well, in any debate, it is always advisable to listen to the experts. Both Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus are proponents of mastering one stroke before advancing to the rest. Owing to their great number of hours put in the training, such experts may have even mastered eight strokes- and perhaps innovated a few of their own. But that they advocate for mastering each stroke shows there is something right about that strategy. After all, there is the word ‘masterstroke’ in the dictionary. Away from golf, Bruce Lee once said that he fears a man who has practiced one move a thousand times than the man who practices a thousand moves once. Think about it.

Mastering Individual Golf Swings

Well, now that it is agreed that one golf swing is what one needs to master, which is this particular one that you should train your focus on? Before delving into that, it is important to look at the various swings that are there in golf.

There are three basic golf swings, the full swing, the half swing, and the three-quarter swings. A fourth and less prominent swing is the putter. It is from these four basic categories that all other golf swings derive. The name of each swing is usually based on different arm positions when you swing. There is, for instance, a swing that looks at the right elbow golf downswing movement to derive its name.  How are arms connected to the chest in the golf swing movement is also a determinant?  From these actions, the popular golf swings you are about to come across include:

  • Crossover
  • Slap Hinge
  • Push Release
  • Driver Swing
  • Hybrid Swing
  • Wedge Swing
  • Chip Swing
  • Fairway Wood Swing
  • Long Iron Swing

The Driver Swing

Of all these, the driver swing is the best one to master. It is easy to learn, yet it is one of the most popular swings even among pros. The driver position is achieved by standing with the ball positioned inside the left heel. The spine and shoulders tilt slightly forward. The hand is placed slightly behind the ball before hitting the ball. With this swing, a right elbow golf swing works just perfectly.

The major advantage of this swing is that it gives leverage of the amount of power you put behind your swing, making it ideal to use in all positions of the golfing course. Whether you are looking to achieve the longest distance or seeking an accurate shot; achieving it with this swing is very practical. Additionally, the body posture is great for maintaining balance, therefore reducing instances of injury.

The 9- Iron Swing

If you don’t fancy the Driver, the 9-Iron is the next best option. It offers pretty much the same advantages. In this position, you assume a stance where the forward lean has your shoulders almost parallel to the turf. The hands are positioned just in front of the ball and the spine is in a vertical angle. The strength of the right elbow golf downswing affords more control of the club after hitting the ball. In the golf swing, pull with left arm or push with right depending on which hand you feel has better control.

Advantages of Mastering a Single Golf Swing

As already hinted, one perfect swing lays a platform for learning how to play well with other swings. Additionally, one swing is great for evaluation, whether you are doing it yourself or getting evaluated by a trainer. For example, if you are assessing your right arm in golf downswing, you are able to get consistent results after every try. That way, it is easy to improve consistently. With a single swing, all distances are achievable in a single golfing round. This has been the standard for most golfing greats, all of whom are famed to have a great right elbow golf swing.

That said, it is important to identify the swing that works for you. You do not have to go for what works for others. Whichever one you choose, ensure you make it feasible to play at all holes, meaning you can use one swing for an entire day of golfing. With that foundation, you will be well on your way to becoming a golf master; the kind that would make Bruce Lee shiver.

In Conclusion

Perfecting your right elbow golf swing is a work in progress. Take baby steps, be persistent and you are going to be where you want on the golf ladder. Hopefully, this post got you started in the right foot. Keep tuned here, there is much more for you about golf.


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Where To Put Clubs In Golf Bag

I was playing golf with a friend of mine and we asked ourselves: How many people ask themselves where to put clubs in golf bag?

Well, we are sure that this question gets asked a lot by people who are just starting playing golf.

Where to put clubs in golf bag?

There is no right answer but we have a suggestion where to put clubs in the golf bag:
In general, you should put them back in the similar or same spot you picked it out from. make sure the club’s heads do not touch each other and make banging noise while you walk. This “banging” sound is one of the most annoying sounds on the golf course. If your bag makes banging noises put a towel in between club’s heads or use headcovers.

How do you arrange clubs in a 14 divider bag?

1. Take all of your golf equipment out of the golf bag.
2. Clear the area inside your bag.
3. In the top part of the bag, put woods.
4. Next, add short irons.
5. If you have any pockets or slots available put long irons in there.
6. In the bottom pockets or slots put putter and the wedges.
7. After you have put all the clubs into the bag put your other golf accessories in the golf bag.

How do you organize a 7 slot golf bag?

1. Take your 3-4 short irons and place them in the lowest part of the bag or on the right side.
2. If you have irons 6,7,8 and 9 you can put them there for example.
3. Take your putter and wedges and place them in the pocket of the bag or in the bottom part.
4. For easy access, many golfers put the putter in the very bottom part of the bag for easier access.

Where To Put Clubs In Golf Bag
Where To Put Clubs In Golf Bag?

What 14 clubs do pros carry?

Probably the same as you. Firstly the driver, pitching wedge and putter. Some carry 4 to 9 irons and a 3-wood. That’s around 10 clubs, so they can pick 4 more.

What are the 14 clubs in a golf bag?

USGA states that you are allowed to have 14 clubs in a golf bag. The standard golf clubs in the bag are:
1. driver
2. 3-wood
3. 5-wood
4. 8 irons (3-9 iron)
5. Pitching wedge
6. Putter

Which clubs should I have in my bag?

1. Driver
2. 3-wood
3. 4 & 5 hybrids
4. 6,7,8 & 9 irons
5. Pitching wedge
6. Sand wedge
7. Putter

How many clubs should be in a golf bag?

USGA says that you are allowed to have 14 clubs in a golf bag. The standard golf clubs in the bag are:
1. driver
2. 3-wood
3. 5-wood
4. 8 irons (3-9 iron)
5. Pitching wedge
6. Putter

What goes in a golf pocket bag?

In the most accessible areas (top and front) you should have the most frequently used items:
1. Tees
2. Spare golf balls
3. Ball markers
4. Divot repair tools

In the less accessible areas to save:
1. Rules book
2. Spare golf gloves
3. Sunglasses
4. SPF lotion
5. Insect repellent
6. Snacks


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