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In today’s episode about Swing Analyzers, we will talk about the Zepp golf swing analyzer review.

What is Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer Reviews?

This article will give you all information you need to know about ZGSA. From hardware, software, and real people reviews. In our next article, we will cover golftec reviews.

What is Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer?

Zepp golf swing analyzer is a product made by Huami Co., Ltd. The product lets you analyze your golf swing in a smart way.  Zepp golf swing analyzer comes in 2 parts. One part is hardware and the other part is software. We will talk about hardware and software specifications later in this article so make sure, you read the whole review about the Zepp golf swing analyzer.

The hardware part of Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

There are two versions of the product we are reviewing today. The first one has limited functionalities and is known as the first version of the Zepp golf swing analyzer. It can do 3D swing analysis, is a part of a smart coach training system, and has Zepp Feed enabled. On the other hand, ZGSA (Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer) version 2 has Apple watch integration, a smart battery that gives you 2x the battery life, additional high-speed gyro, and allows you to connect easily via Bluetooth connection.

Let’s take a look at our comparison table about ZGSA version 1 and version 2:

How can you get started with ZGSA?

Yes, you can get started for FREE. All you need to do is download the free app to get access to Zepp’s Smart Coach training system, tools to video analyze, and a library of swings featuring Michelle Wie.

How to set up Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer?

Setting it up is easy as 1,2,3.
1. Attach the mount to your glove and insert the sensor.
2. Connect Zepp via Bluetooth and start playing golf.
3. Analyze your swing on the go.

What people in the Ios App Store Are Saying About ZGSA?

@cegomez8 gave 5 STAR review on 01/10/2017 and wrote:
Excellent little tool
The sensor is at least very consistent, although I did read somewhere that when compared to a professional swing analyzer the readings are a little bit off, in my opinion, this is not a deal-breaker. The key here is consistent readings. Once you identify your trouble areas the consistent readings do help to keep track of your progress. The app is very good, but I do have to report some instances in course mode when the sensor just lost the link with the app and I couldn’t solve it on the course. Data up to that point was not lost but no new data was recorded. I truly recommend this nifty tool.

@Jeevanhu gave 5 STAR review on 01/07/2018 and wrote:
Great App! Thank you! Please read some suggestions!

First of all, I’ve been using it a lot since downloading it and I absolutely love it! Thank you for making this app! It has all the major features I needed. The video editing and effects are really cool!

However, please prioritize the following in your future development:

1. Give the user the ability to hide or change user id since user id currently is taken from email and everyone can see it on your profile.

2. Give user option to change the visibility of posts in the feed, eg. visible to myself, visible to friends only, etc.

3. There’s a bug in tutorial video play after I played a video course, it sometimes plays the video again on the background with voice only, I have no way to turn it off, if I start watching another video, the voice will still be there.

4. Give users the ability to delete, some check-ins are accidental.

Thank you! I really hope your app will do better and it deserves more exposure!

@Matzaball gave 4 STAR review on 03/01/2020 and wrote:
Watch app is convenient but has a bad bug
This watch app is so useful, compared to the phone app, as you don’t have to put the phone somewhere visible or walk over ever time you need to see the screen. However, the watch app needs to be smarter with its Workout integration. Once the sensor is disconnected, it should stop the workout session. I forgot to do this, and not only did it record an unrealistic workout in Activities (14hrs and massive calories), but it also drains the battery. Typically, I will have a full charge before I go to bed and wake up with a 90% charge. Today, I woke up with 36%. It would be nice to stop the workout and whatever else it’s doing when the app is active, but not actually monitoring anything.

Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer Reviews