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Golf Balls - Top 5 Golf Balls for Women

Unlike golf clubs, golf balls all come in the same size. But that doesn’t mean that you just picked one up and used it right away just because they all look the same to you but the truth is, they’re actually not. For women, one of the usual mistakes that are most common especially for beginners and intermediate golfers is the negligence to recognize the importance between various types of golf balls. There’s an indisputable physiological different distinction between a male and female golfer and that is why there are golf balls designed specifically for female golf players. 


Well, there are a lot of things to consider when buying a golf ball. One of these is the construction of the ball itself which is often made of one piece, two pieces, three pieces, or four pieces. For beginners, a one-piece golf ball is most commonly recommended since this type of ball has a softer feel when they are hit. It is also considered durable and is relatively inexpensive. Two-piece golf balls provide a firmer feel and are capable of more shot distance. It is also significantly the most popular golf ball among golf players. Two-piece golf balls are oftentimes considered not easy to control compared to its one-piece counterpart that has a much softer feel. Three-piece and four-piece golf balls provide the most control and feel even though the latter is much relatively uncommon.


A typical golf ball mostly has a dimple count between 300 to 500 dimples. These dimple counts usually affect the way a ball travels through the air. Golf balls with larger and fewer dimples tend to fly high through the air compared to golf balls with more dimples. There are also golf balls that have a soft cover which provides a much more feel than those with harder covers but tends to be much more susceptible to scrapes and abrasion.


Another important thing for women to look for when choosing the right golf ball is its compression. Now, what is compression or more specifically “golf ball compression”? Well, it’s actually simple and easy to understand. Golf ball compression is a measurement of how much a golf ball compresses. It occurs when the clubface makes contact with a golf ball thus creating a spring-like effect in the ball. The golf ball is compressed and razed by the force of the impact. 


For women, golf balls with compression ratings that usually range between 45 and 70 are ideal since most women’s swing speeds tend to be much slower than their male counterparts whose ideal compression ratings are between 80 to 100. These lower compressions ratings golf balls are most recommended for female golfers since it could ensure getting the most possible distance from a slower swing speed. For golfers with faster swing speeds, a harder golf ball is ideal since it needs greater force to create compression. 


There are actually a lot of brands to choose from when choosing the right golf ball. Ball manufacturers usually mark their golf balls with ball types and compression numbers. There are oftentimes these compression numbers and descriptions are indicated on the package. Golf balls could sometimes be a bit pricey thus resulting in other players picking up balls that they usually found on a lake or course pond. But keep in mind though that the longer a golf ball is submerged in a body of water the higher its chance of degradation and may sometimes lose its optimal performance. 


If you are having trouble finding the right golf ball we have created a list of some of the best golf balls that are categorically designed for female golf players.


Wilson Ladies Tour Velocity Golf Balls

What’s great about this golf ball is its low compression rate and high energy core. This golf ball ensures to enhance feel and spin while providing an ideal flight trajectory and tour like distance. It also has a unique patented dimple pattern that reduces spin for much longer hits. This golf ball is also considerably inexpensive which is great for those with a tighter budget. 


Bridgestone Lady Precept Ladies Golf Balls

Bridgestone Lady Precept Ladies Golf Balls might be the softest golf ball on the market that is specifically designed for ladies. It has a low compression rate and has a high dimple count making sure you’ll get more height and distance during your hit. This soft-feel golf ball engineered for lady golfers comes in different color variations like white, pink, and yellow that are made specifically not just for aesthetics but most importantly for optimal high visibility. 


Callaway Supersoft Ladies Golf Balls

Callaway Supersoft Ladies Golf Balls has the lowest compression golf ball combined with HEX Aerodynamics which simply means that these golf balls could travel more. This two-piece ball is available in white and yellow color. Its tri-ionomer cover ensures a softer feel every hit.


Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

This golf ball is specifically designed with extremely low spin to maximize high distance every hit. It has a softer core and the cover is designed for solid distance. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls feature low compression and two-piece construction. This golf ball also has a specific dimple pattern and comes in different colors. 


Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls

Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls have a 60 compression rating that could increase your driving distance while still maintaining the pleasure to enjoy the unparalleled softness. Available in white and pink, Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls could be a great deal considering its softer, thinner cover and new aerodynamic speed dimples design. 


Again, just because they’re all white and dimpled doesn’t mean they are all the same. For one, choosing the right golf ball with the right compression rating is one of the most important things to consider. Different golf balls with different compression rates cater to different types of players. We hope you enjoy our list of golf balls that are ideal for women and we also hope you would find the right golf ball that’s best for you.