Golf Lessons For Women

golf lessons for women

Ordinarily, the image of women does not come to mind when the topic of golfing comes up. It doesn’t matter whether you are talking about professional golfing or just a friendly Saturday catch-up at the golf course; men dominate the picture.

But it shouldn’t be like this. Well, perhaps it has always been so, but it is an aspect that needs to be changed going forward. Commendable efforts have been made by individuals and organisations to boost the number of women in golf over the last decade. To keep this wheel rolling, a lot more needs to be done.

This article contributes to this course by exploring the topic of ‘golfing lessons for women.’ It looks at vast aspects of the topic, among them why golf is an enjoyable sport for women, female golfers who have had considerable success in the field and how interested women can improve their golfing skills. It also gives answers to some of the most common questions asked about women golfing. If you are an interested woman golfer or are looking to grow female golfing in any way, this piece will be of great value to you.


Why women should take golf lessons


Largely, golf has always been viewed as an elite sport. From the cost of getting equipment to maintaining membership in golf clubs, it is a sport that is associated with grandeur. There might be an exaggeration in that, but that is not the topic for today.

The association of golf and economic success is one key reason why women should take a serious shot at the sport. You see, when people spend a day at the golf course, they are not swinging their clubs over the entire time. It is in such settings that important career and business discussions are held. In the modern world, women are serious contenders in all spheres of the economy. Why then should they be denied the chance to sit and make deals at golf courses? It does not mean that women have to play when they go to the golf course, but being actively engaged in the game gives them a great edge.

Additionally, women –and people, generally- who go into the deep corporate circle usually have a very tight schedule. Being at the golf course would, therefore, be very helpful in helping them combine physical activity and corporate duties. The benefits of physical activity to overall health really don’t need much explaining at this point, right?

Although it looks like a passive sport, the physical engagement of golf is quite a lot. One, each swing involves the engagement of multiple muscles, from the back to the hands and legs. Playing golf regularly can be a great way to tone your body. It’s involvement of the spine is especially beneficial for people who are sedentary for most days of the week. The concentration needed when playing golf also helps in improving concentration and overall mental alertness.

Having mentioned these reasons why women should play golf- and they are just a few of many-why don’t we look at a few women who have been golfers over time? Serves good for motivation, yes?

  • Margaret Abbot was among the premier golfers of United States nationality. She had a long-spanning career that lasted from 1878 to 1955. Yes, golf for women has been around for that long!
  • In the same period, Rhona Adair was making the game popular in Britain. She plied the golf course from 1878 and lasted a little longer than Abbot, swinging until 1961.
  • In more recent times, (post-2000) women who have dominated the golf scene include Karrie Webb, Annika Sorenstam, Cristie Kerr, Se Ri Pak, Angela Stanford, Jiyai Shin and Brittany Lincicome among others. Among them, these women golfers have accumulated so many golf honours over the last two decades.

Taking Golf Lessons

Now that we have established the importance of having women in golf and thrown in a sprinkle of some who have done it, let us dive straight into taking lessons. In this section, we look at what is needed and the resources you and other women can use to take golf lessons.

What You Need Before Taking Golf Lessons


Find a place to play


Before you commence playing, you need to find a golf course that suits you best. A number of factors will influence your choice, such as the membership cost, how you can conveniently access it, and how well it is suited for golfers of your skill level.

Golfing Equipment


You will need the right equipment before you get on that course. This will make each lesson enjoyable and help you grow your skill fast. Without the right equipment, you will find it difficult to learn. It could lead you to hate the sport or, at worst, leave you with frustrating injuries. Such equipment includes golf shoes, clothes, clubs, and carts. It is important to contact your club since some clubs offer some of these items while others have regulations for the type of dress code that they allow on their premises.

When it comes to shoes, you will need a comfortable golf shoe with great traction and padding. As for clothing, you basically require golfing shorts and shirts. For women, a sports bra is always an important item. All these can always be bought from a golf store near you. If you search for ‘golf stores near me’ or ‘golf shops near me,’ you will definitely get a good point to start. Seeking recommendations also works. If you can, make a physical purchase for your first buy instead of doing it online. This will help you to find the best fit for each item.

Learn Basic Rules


It would be impossible to learn if you don’t know what you are trying to learn. Try to learn the basic rules of golf before stepping out. You can get books from stores near you or you can go for the most popular resource today- the internet. You can learn from both text and videos. Take special notice of various golf terms as you go about this.

Once you have found the above requirements, you are set for the learning period. Here are a few basic tips to carry for your early lessons.

  1. Play on a short-par course

A three-course is the most recommended surface when you are starting out. Since you are looking to improve your posture and swing, as well understand different golf terms, distance is not of great essence at this stage. The farthest hole will be around 150 yards, which is a good challenge but not intimidating. Take time to master your posture and hit at this stage.

  1. Golf Etiquette

If being elite is an inaccurate description of golf, then sophistication is the true definition of it. To play golf, you have to learn and show ethical behaviour from the get go. Failure to do this could see you kicked out of the club altogether. Respect for other golfers is a key requirement. You should know which area you are playing in and stick to it. Becoming rowdy or generally noisy is frowned upon. This is really not the note you want to begin on. Be gentle and ask how to act where you are not sure.

  1. Your Posture

This is where your learning begins. There are different swings in golf, and each one of them has a different posture. The posture is basically determined by how you position your legs, the position of your elbows in relation to your chest, and how far you lean forward. Swings are discussed in detail on this part of the website.

Now, each swing requires a different posture. Many golfers use multiple swings at a time, but the masters seem to favour finessing a single swing. You should too. You may try different postures at the start. When you know which one works best for you (and feels most comfortable), you should stick to that one.

Now, because each person will find a different suitable posture, it is hard to give a solid tip on that front. The basics of golf, however, require that you stand with your legs slightly apart, preferably shoulder width. Your body should bend slightly forward, and your elbows close to your body.

  1. Hitting The ball

With the posture in place, next you want to have a good hit. This largely depends on the type of club you are using. Generally, however, you need to have a firm grip of the golf club. Next, you need to raise on the opposite side of the direction you are hitting the ball. The height of the raise depends on the distance you are looking to propel the ball over. Bring down the club and strike the ball through with a sweep. Maintain the motion of the club until it rises to the opposite side of where it began. All the while, maintain a tension between you upper and lower body. The lower part should stay static and firmly rooted to the ground for balance. The upper body should be fluid and tend to ‘move with the ball.’

With these basics in mind, you are good to go through the first stages of your golf for women lessons.

You could play the sport for fun, as a corporate engagement and a mode of socialising or you could decide to go pro. If you decide on that last one, then you need to know the best competitions you can take part in. While there definitely are competitions in golf clubs near you, here are a few more you could set your sights on if you want to go international:

  • ANA Inspiration-This one has had several names over the years, among them the Kraft Nabisco Championship
  • Women’s British Open
  • The Evian Championship
  • Women’s PGA Championship, which used the name LPGA Championship up to 2014)
  • S. Women’s Open

The pro women golfers mentioned earlier in the article have all taken part in one or more of the above competitions. How would you like to join the list as one of them?

Common Questions Asked by Women Who Want to Take golf Lessons


What Resources can I Use for Women Golfing Lessons?

You can use golf books and tutorials to get the basics of what is required in golf. These can be either online or offline. Once you have these, you will require a trainer to take you through the actual golf training. You can hire a personal trainer, join a golfing class with other people or learn from a friend.

Where can I get these golfing lessons for women resources?

The easiest start is to search online. For books and golf wear for women, your hunt can start with searching ‘golf stores near me.’ For golf clubs, you can search for ‘golf galaxy near me.’ You could still ask for recommendations or walk into an actual golf club and make an enquiry.

How much do professional women golfers earn?

An average professional female golfer earns around $141, 000 annually, while the highest earners receive around $1.3 million per year. Not a bad paycheck, yes?

Which body is in charge of women golf?

The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) is the body in charge of women golf in America. It is the largest golfing association, but different countries and regions across the world have their own similar bodies.

Which is the best golf swing for women?

There is no specific best swing for women. All golfers, male or female, need to find a swing that suits them best.

Can I learn by myself how to play golf?

Yes, you can teach yourself how to play golf. You will however, need tutorials and self-help content, and it will take longer than learning from a trainer or another better golfer.

How much does it cost to take golfing lessons for women?

Golf lessons cost anywhere between $150 and $500. Packages, however, vary from one golf club to the other.

How many lessons do beginner women golfers need to take?

To get you started, you will need to take at least 15 lessons with a trainer.

Is golf difficult to learn for women?

No, golf is not a difficult game for women to learn. I’d even dare to say it is easy to learn. You should definitely give it a try if you haven’t already!


In Conclusion

Golf lessons for women is not rocket science. With the right mind-set, and necessary resources you can join the super women golfers who have gone before you or those who still hold the reins. Hopefully, we have stirred the golf passion inside you and pointed you into the right direction. Keep it here for we are only warming up for more golf must-read pieces.