Golf Lesson for Women near Kleberg

Golf Lesson for Women near Kleberg

The purpose of the Women’s, Girls, and Family report is to analyse the factors that impact on whole family participation in golf, by drawing together the relevant research undertaken in the area to establish the current level of understanding.


There is a positive relationship between wider measures of gender equality and levels of sports participation. Golf should look to challenge core constituents regarding increased acceptance of the effect of gender equality, and thus promoting more equal presence in leadership positions. Individually oriented policies aimed at increasing family golf participation may be constrained unless wider equality in the golf industry is improved first.


Family golf participation, including women’s and girls’ involvement in particular, has been identified as an opportunity for significant growth. Research has shown that women are the key decision makers in regards to what families do with their leisure time and money. However, year-on-year growth in the numbers of females playing sport is considerably less than their male counterparts, and so the gender gap continues to increase.


Grover C. Keeton Golf Course

Address: 2323 N Jim Miller Rd, Dallas, TX 75227, United States

Rating: 4.3 based on 38 votes


Telephone: (214) 670-8784

Keeton Park offers elite golf instruction with Tony Martinez School of Golf, home to multiple Professionals including a Director of Golf, Head Golf  Professional and Assistant Golf Professional


GOLFTEC North Dallas

Address: 5290 Belt Line Rd Suite 122, Dallas, TX 75254, United States

Rating: 4.6 based on 10 votes


Telephone: (972) 239-4700

Golf Tech Clubhouse allows students to view lessons, drills, reviews, schedule lessons and more. The best tools for students is the ability to access their instruction anytime through online. The Clubhouse is an exclusive online access tool accessing all your golf lessons.


Dallas Golf Schools

Address:624 Country Club Dr, Rockwall, TX 75032, United States

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Telephone: (800) 965-9985

Premium Quality Golf Instruction,believe that the quality of our golf instruction is the best available! Whether to conduct your class personally or you work with one of my excellent Teaching Professionals, your expectations will be met. We have conducted hundreds of golf schools, improving the games of every skill level, so you can always expect the very best results from your session.


Pure Swing Golf

Address: 13617 Inwood Rd suite 205, Dallas, TX 75244, United States

Rating: 5.0 based on 9 votes


Telephone: (469) 779-9991

Pure Swing Golf allows couches to measure and evaluate each area of your swing at once to              provide the most efficient  golf instruction in the market. Their indoor golf lesson approach helps the coaches and players be more efficient through their state of the art technology.


The Golf Institute

Address: 11223 Luna Rd, Dallas, TX 75229, United States

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Telephone: (972) 418-1042

Leah Berst is the Owner and Director of Instruction at the Golf Institute. She is trained in the instructional principles taught by PGA. Leah is passionate in teaching young people and  over 30 years she has been honing and watching some amazing talent. Golf Institute offers both adult and junior classes.


The social aspects of golf. The formation of friendship groups is vital to continued family golf participation, which encourages deeper relationships to build and offers key supportive roles.

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