Golf Lesson for Women near Lancaster

Golf Lesson for Women near Lancaster

In golf, people will also need to walk across the golf track to complete the game, and this too helps with fitness. Typically, we are expected to walk 10,000 steps in a day to stay fit. Playing a full 18-round hole golf game can easily help you cover that unless you use a golf cart to move around. Hence, avoid using a golf cart, unless you really feel the need and walk across.

In many ways, golf is recreation as much as a sport, and when you play it with a few partners, you get to talk, chit chat, have fun and socialize. This can bring down your stress levels, and that helps too in maintaining good health. Golf is, however, good physical activity and hence, it can tire you out, and that can help you get a good night’s sleep too


Physical inactivity causes over three million deaths worldwide each year. As golf can provide moderate-intensity physical activity – you can reap the rewards and outpace the grim reaper. Describe this as being regardless of age, gender or income.Not only does it potentially add years to your life; it can also add life to your years – with golf improving multiple quality-of-life markers.


For women who are health conscious and looking for golf lessons near Lancaster, Dallas and  here are some lists that you might consider.

Thorntree Golf Club

Address: 825 W Wintergreen Rd, DeSoto, TX 75115, United States

Rating: 4.5 based on 238 votes


Telephone: (972) 296-2146

Thorntree Golf Club was built in 1983 by the Richard Mai Family. For five years, it played host to the Byron Nelson qualifying tournament, PGA Tour stage qualifying and sectional qualifying for the Texas State Open. Rated as one of the toughest courses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area by the Dallas Business Journal, this challenging golf course offers you flawless fairways and beautifully manicured Champions Bermuda greens on which to test and improve your skills time and again. Thorntree Golf Club’s 18-hole golf course provides an inspirational golf experience for players of all ages and abilities.


Golf Center of Arlington

Address: 1301 NE Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington, TX 76006, United States

Rating: 4.6 based on 99 votes


Telephone: (817) 469-9005

Golf Center Arlington provides fun and safe opportunities to play, which bolsters skills and confidence. Golf instills, integrity, a love for outdoors and healthy living. Novice or 0 handicap are able to make friends and hone their skills and develop valuable life skills they can use in their  homes and beyond.


Prairie Lake Golf Course

Address: 3202 SE 14th St, Grand Prairie, TX 75052, United States

Rating: 4.3 based on 239 votes


Telephone: (972) 237-4156

Prairie Lakes Golf Course in Grand Prairie offers 27 holes recently renovated,including Texas’ largest practice area featuring 8 target greens with a fairway. Open landing areas speed and ease play, while water hazards, trees and doglegs offer challenges and test skills.


Steven Park Golf Course

Address: 1005 N Montclair Ave, Dallas, TX 75208, United States

Rating: 4.3 based on 322 votes


Telephone: (214) 670-7506

Stevens Park Course makes pride for themselves on the high quality of magnificent golf, superb amenities and outstanding service that we offer our valued customers. Hard work is the key to become a more staple of the community, and in the process they earned recognition as one of the region’s premier experiences.


Grover C. Keeton Golf Course

Address: 2323 N Jim Miller Rd, Dallas, TX 75227, United States

Rating: 4.3 based on 38 votes


Telephone: (214) 670-8784

Keeton Park offers elite golf instruction with Tony Martinez School of Golf, home to multiple Professionals including a Director of Golf, Head Golf  Professional and Assistant Golf Professional


Women nowadays are hooked on being physically fit. General mindset is going to the gym, boxing, yoga, and crossfit but honestly speaking playing golf is the least for consideration. Fortunately, playing golf is the best way for women to be fit not just physically but also their mental state.

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