Golf Lessons for Women near Bard

Golf Lessons for Women near Bard

Modern game of golf originated in Scotland during the 15th century. Golf is a game that has been enjoyed by a lot of people for many centuries. It is also a game where players could exercise  while socializing at the same time. Playing golf has a lot of good benefits.


First, playing golf is good for your health. Golf is a game that is considered a good cardiovascular exercise. It could bring a lot of physical and mental health benefits. Since playing golf requires some walking it increases your heart rate that could help lower your risk of heart disease and could also prevent you from having type 2 diabetes, stroke, and even cancer. Swinging a golf club could help strengthen your core and build muscle.


Second, playing golf could help you make new friends, enhance your family bonding and build more connections. Many golfers experience some sort of camaraderie during their game. Some golfers went to a golf course all alone and ended up leaving the place with new friends. Golf is a great sport and it can be played by all ages. Golf is a great opportunity for a quality bonding time. If you want to enhance your family bonding especially with your kids, why not bring them the next time you play golf.


Third, Golf courses are beautifully made and well created letting you embrace the beauty of nature. Being in a beautiful location could help lower your levels of anxiety and depression. Fresh air and outdoor activities could also make you feel more energetic and alive.


Now, if you’re looking for golf lessons for women near Bard, Las Vegas, we have here a list of recommendations that could help you learn and improve your golf game experience.


Bob Byman School of Golf

Address: 9851 Canyon Run Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89144

Rating: 5.0 based on 1 vote


Telephone: (772) 215-3444

Bob Byman has 24  years of teaching and coaching the game of golf. He also has over 40+ years of competitive golf experience. Bob Byman School of Golf guarantees 100% success for all long-term students. For bookings and inquiries please visit his website.


Las Vegas Golf Club

Address: 4300 W Washington Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89107

Rating: 4.1 based on 304 votes


Telephone: (702) 646-3003

Featuring a beautiful par-72, 6,319 yard championship layout, Las Vegas Golf Club is truly the perfect course if you want to have a relaxing and forgiving round. Designed in 1938 by golf course architect Willian P. Bell, it features wide emerald fairways and generous green. Whether you are new to golf or you just want to enhance or fine-tune your skills, Las Vegas Golf CLub offers wide options of golf instructions for golfers of all ages from their PGA teaching professionals.


Bird Golf Academy

Address: 10325 Nu-Wav Kaiv Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89124

Rating: 0 based on 0 votes


Telephone: (877) 424-7346

Bird Golf Academy offers superb golf lessons from their world-class PGA and LPGA professional golf instructors. If you’re looking for a private golf lesson, you will surely enjoy their individual instruction together with your own LPGA and PGA Bird Golf Professionals. Their Las Vegas golf school is just minutes away from the famous Las Vegas Strip.


Rhoderunner Golf Coaching Center

Address: 3000 Joe W Brown Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Rating: 0 based on 0 votes


Telephone: (702) 327-8268

Rhoderunner Golf Coaching Center offers private (one-on-one) lessons, junior lessons, and group golf lessons. You can also choose to purchase single golf lessons or have a bundled three or more lessons if you want to save more. If you want to have specific goals and work to build a swing that works for you, Rhoderunner Golf Coaching Center has a long-term golf coaching package for one or two players.


Painted Desert Golf Club

Address: 5555 Painted Mirage Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89149

Rating: 4.2 based on 334 votes


Telephone: (702) 645-2570

Featuring a par-72, 6,781-yard championship layout, Painted Desert Golf Club has a golf course that is renowned as one of the country’s premier daily fee desert-style golf layouts. Painted Desert Golf Club has an expansive golf practice facility with a peaceful environment that is ideal for perfecting every aspect of the game. They also offer private and group golf lessons from their team of PGA teaching professionals. All golf instructions are designed to help each student achieve their personal goals and objectives.


There are a lot of golf lessons for women available near Bard, Las Vegas. With some of the best known PGA professional golf instructors available that could help improve your game experience. Women would be happy to know that options like having individual or group golf lessons are also available.

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