Golf Lessons for Women near Kitsilano

Golf Lessons for Women near Kitsilano

Before we begin the top list of Golf lessons for women near Kitsilano, Vancouver Canada, Here are some examples of benefits in playing Golf.


Golf is good for your body, the average course requires a person to walk over five miles, carrying or pushing a bag and walking up and down different undulations. Specially in women, this can be a great workout, depending on how flat or hilly the course is, it can burn up to 2,000 calories. Even if you are taking a cart, the golf swing itself is a full body workout, using arms, legs, and core muscles. Imagine the results if you do this on a daily or even weekly basis.


The game of Golf is filled with friendly, interesting, and successful people. Which you can also benefit from Golf, it can help you make new friends and business connections. If you show up at a course with less than a foursome, you will often be paired with others. These people already have something in common with you, they also love golf!


Now, here is the list of golf lessons for women near Kitsilano, Vancouver Canada.


GOLFTEC Vancouver Terminal Avenue

Address:763 Terminal Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 2M2, Canada

Rating: 4.3 based on 10 votes


Telephone:(604) 683-4653

GOLFTEC Vancouver Terminal Avenue is the answer if you’re looking for golf lessons, golf instruction, or custom golf club fitting. They offer state-of-the-art training centers with tools that could help you improve and enhance your game. Their Certified Personal Coaches use the latest golf technology in helping players achieve their goal. GOLFTEC Vancouver Terminal also offers outdoor and on-course golf lessons.


Randle Golf

Address: 303-3313 Shrum Lane, Vancouver, BC V6S 0C8, Canada

Rating: 0 based on 0 votes


Telephone: (778) 679-7888

John Randle Golf is a PGA of Canada Teaching Professional in Victoria, BC. An award-winning golf instructor, they provide golf lessons and golf coaching at The Golf Performance Project in Victoria, BC. Every student is different and therefore deserves their own golf improvement plan. Randle Golf teaching approach is to learn about you and your golf game through an initial assessment and then to craft a program perfectly suited to your needs.


University Golf Club Driving Range

Address: University Endowment Lands, BC V6T 1G6, Canada

Rating: 4.5 based on 35 votes


Telephone: (604) 225-2333

If you are looking for a traditional west coast golf experience with majestic, towering old growth trees and long narrow fairways that anyone can play, then this is it. Carved out of the pristine forests of the University Endowment Lands, the 18 hole par 72 course is a favourite among both casual golfers and regulars.


Musqueam Golf & Learning Academy

Address: 3904 W 51st Ave, Vancouver, BC V6N 3W1, Canada

Rating: 3.0 based on 162 votes


Telephone: (604) 266-2334

A fully equipped 80-stall driving range and astro turf landing areas that feature simulated greens, bunkers and water. It is considered as one of Canada’s finest training facilities. Musqueam Golf & Learning Academy also offers ladies golf club every Tuesday, by joining this club with guarantee to improve your gameplays. Additionally it is also a great way to meet new golfing friends and there’s a lot of fun and events.


Fraserview Golf Academy

Address: 7800 Vivian Dr, Vancouver, BC V5S 2V8, Canada

Rating: 0 based on 0 votes


Telephone:(604) 257-6923

​Fraserview Golf Academy offers top-quality golf instruction to those of all ages and skill levels, from beginner to tournament competitor. Our PGA of Canada professional staff is dedicated to providing a fun, friendly and innovative learning environment. We pride ourselves on helping golfers improve their game.

Women looking for golf lessons near Kitsilano, Vancouver Canada are so glad to know that there are a lot of golf lessons available to choose from the list. Women who have the willingness to take the lessons would also be happy to know that a lot of skillful, well trained and champions in the field of golf who are PGA professional instructors are also available to help you learn and enhance your game.

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