Women looking for golf lesson near Dallas Downtown

Women looking for golf lesson near Dallas Downtown

Dallas Downtown is the Central Business District (CBD) of Dallas, Texas USA, located in the geographic center of the city. Downtown Dallas is now viewed as an interconnected grouping of dense and urban center city districts that, while unique in their own right, also share strong urban linkages to each other and collectively participate in their role as Downtown Dallas.


They say everything is bigger in Texas, and the giant list of premium places golf in Dallas is no exception. The great place to learn, practice and refine or advance your skill and knowledge of golf. Regardless, you’re a novice or zero handicap. Dallas offers golf courses with amazing shape, various tee boxes to choose from and packages that golf enthusiasts can enjoy.


For women who have everything to learn and advanced players who want to fine-tune their technique, Dallas Downtown offers private or group lessons. They have a lot of PGA-trained golf professionals providing sessions on the long game, the short game, mental game, course management and equipment. For women, who are looking for a golf lesson near Dallas Downtown here’s a list of those you might be interested in.


Golf Center of Arlington

Address: 1301 NE Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington, TX 76006, United States

Rating:4.6 based on 99 votes

Website: https://golfcenterofarlington.com/

Telephone: (817) 469-9005

Golf Center Arlington provides fun and safe opportunities to play, which bolsters skills and confidence. Golf instills, integrity, a love for outdoors and healthy living. Novice or 0 handicap are able to make friends and hone their skills and develop valuable life skills they can use in their  homes and beyond.


Mcmillan Golf Academy

Address: 3500 Bear Creek Ct, Dallas, TX 75261, United States

Rating:5.0 based on 33 votes

Website: https://mcmillangolf.com/

Telephone: (817) 600-9544

Mcmillan Golf  Academy provides premier and depth golf lessons, instructions, swing analysis for golfers for all ages, either you are  beginner or  professional , this academy is good for all skill levels because of 25 years of teaching experience. Practiced with their philosophy “ each student is different and believes there is not one way to swing the club but several ways depending on the individual body type”.


Golftec Park Cities

Address: 5400 E Mockingbird Ln #222, Dallas, TX 75206, United States

Rating: 4.2 based on 5 votes


Telephone: (469) 334-0500

Gives you a variety of golf lessons and game plan and video practice with state of the art clubhouse, and custom club fitting. Golftec Park Cities has  unique features such as  one on one private golf instruction with a Certified Personal Coach, high speed camera, patented motion measurement technology and foresight launch monitor.


Golf Institute

Address: 11223 Luna Rd, Dallas, TX 75229, United States

Rating: 0 based on 0 votes

Website: https://www.golfinstituteschools.com/

Telephone: (972) 418-1042

Leah Berst is the Owner and Director of Instruction at the Golf Institute. She is trained in the instructional principles taught by PGA. Leah is passionate in teaching young people and  over 30 years she has been honing and watching some amazing talent. Golf Institute offers both adult and junior classes.


Texas Golf Center

Address: 8940 Creek Run Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76120, United States

Rating:4.4 based on 19 votes


Telephone: (817) 303-4370

Texas Golf Center has 30 acres of property featuring 9 holes Par 3 courses. This course is uniquely challenging to advanced players yet friendly to beginners. And if you are looking for a golf lesson, Texas Golf Center has several Professional Instructors available for private lessons and golf school.


For women who are looking for golf school in the center of America and have a few hours to spare on your next trip to Dallas. Dallas Downtown is the perfect solution for honing your golf game,  either you are a novice or zero handicap.


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