Women Looking for Golf Lessons near Eagle Ford

Women Looking for Golf Lessons near Eagle Ford

If you’re looking for golf lessons for women near Eagle Ford, Dallas, we have a list of recommendations that could help you learn and improve your golf game experience but before that let’s talk about the essential benefits of Golf.


One of the many benefits of participating in sports is that it improves your physical fitness. Golf, specifically, provides moderately intense physical activity, such as walking, carrying your bag, and swinging. This increases your heart rate and blood flow, which results in a healthy heart, enhanced brain stimulation, and improved balance. Spectators and caddies can benefit from golf too! Research shows that golf spectators take more than 7,500 to 10,000 steps whilst watching a game, which is the daily recommendation for a healthy lifestyle. Improved physical fitness also means weight loss. The recommended number of steps for weight loss is about 10,000 steps. Spending 4 to 5 hours playing an 18 hole round will definitely exceed that amount. So ditch the golf cart and burn away those calories.


For women looking for golf lessons near Lakeview, Dallas, we have here a list of places that you could visit.


Texas Golf Center

Address: 8940 Creek Run Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76120, United States

Rating: 4.4 based on 19 votes

Website: https://texasgolfcenter.com/

Telephone: (817) 303-4370

Looking to improve your play golf ?Texas Golf Center has several professional                             instructors on staff available for private lessons and school golf. They opened to the public one year round. To become a Texas Golf Center member, benefits are being considerate from unlimited range bucket to green fees.


Golf Center of Arlington

Address: 1301 NE Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington, TX 76006, United States

Rating: 4.6 based on 99 votes

Website: https://golfcenterofarlington.com/

Telephone: (817) 469-9005

Golf Center Arlington provides fun and safe opportunities to play, which bolsters skills and             confidence. Golf instills, integrity, a love for outdoors and healthy living. Novice or 0 handicap are able to make friends and hone their skills and develop valuable life skills they can use in their  homes and beyond.


Tim Cusick Golf

Address: 4150 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX 75038, United States

Rating: 0 based on 0 votes

Website: http://timcusickgolf.com/

Telephone: (972) 717-2590

Tim, named as one of GOLF Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers in America for 2019 GOLF Magazine states: Since its inception in 1991 Golf Top 100 Teachers in America franchise has established itself as the industry standard for recognizing excellence in coaching.


Mcmillan Golf Academy

Address: 3500 Bear Creek Ct, Dallas, TX 75261, United States

Rating: 5.0 based on 33 votes

Website: https://mcmillangolf.com/

Telephone: (817) 600-9544

Mcmillan Golf  Academy provides premier and depth golf lessons, instructions, swing analysis for golfers for all ages, either you are  beginner or  professional , this academy is good for all skill levels because of 25 years of teaching experience. Practiced with their philosophy “ each student is different and believes there is not one way to swing the club but several ways depending on the individual body type”.


National Registry Of Professional Golf Instructors

Address: 3839 McKinney Ave #155-208, Dallas, TX 75204, United States

Rating: 0 based on 0 votes

Website: http://www.nrpgi.com/golf/

Telephone: (469) 708-6734

To ensure golf teachers meet basic standards, the National Registry of Professional Golf Instructors provides and administer training and certification programs with 267 learning objectives along with training exercise. NRPGI certified golf teachers are dependable


Women nowadays are hooked on being physically fit. General mindset is going to the gym, boxing, yoga, and crossfit but honestly speaking playing golf is the least for consideration. Fortunately, playing golf is the best way for women to be fit not just physically but also their mental state.

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