Left Shoulder In Golf Swing

Left shoulder golf swing

There are techniques that are used in sports that allow its player to become an expert. Not surprisingly the sport that is known to many as “a gentleman’s game” is not far from the notch. Golf is considered as one of the most complex sport in the world. It is not news that many golf enthusiasts are more inclined in incorporating some techniques that they use in playing golf. What we are about to unfold is how left shoulder works in the golf swing. The concept was dated 40 years back.


The technique was taken into account 40 years ago by the renowned golfer Carl Lohren through his best-selling book “One Move to Better Golf”. The book became an instructional manual especially for individuals who wanted to get better in playing golf. It was said that after a countless attempt of doing the back swing before he got the right piercing trajectory by turning his left shoulder. It has plenty of carry and roll as a result, of course. This technique has been used by every golfer around the world and as a result, all of them get better on playing the sport.


It may seem a rocket science but it is just a simple physics and a countless practice to master. In playing, golf swing with shoulders, not arms, in order to get the right motion and trajectory. When the left shoulder swings out, the right shoulder pushes back. This creates the torque of the left-side back muscles early in the swing, because the hips are open and the shoulders are closing when they turn back. This allows the club head to swing towards the ball at its maximum speed. This move is commonly known as the “ONE MOVE”. Also notice that the arms are connected to the chest in the golf swing. 


One analysis on using the left shoulder in golf swing compared to a pendulum. The upper pendulum swings from a fixed pivot point and the lower pendulum swings from the end of the upper one. In golf, the equivalent components are the shoulders (acting as the fixed pivot), arms and hands (the upper pendulum), and the club shaft and club head (the lower pendulum). Although, there are several factors that affect the efficiency of the golf swing,  Among them are the length of the club, the length of the player’s arms, the mass of the club head, the wrist-cock angle – how far backward the wrists are bent during the swing – and whether the wrists actively twist during the swing, resulting a moment of force on the wrist. These force and momentum are equally distributed during the swing which results in striking the ball at its maximum speed, like a swing of a pendulum.


Having a good shoulder turn is one of the biggest keys to hitting quality golf shots. If you can turn your shoulders fully time after time, you will be set up for success once the downswing comes around. However, many golf players start swinging their arms rather than their shoulders. Those players will have a hard time getting the full turn because they had fallen behind right from the start. By focusing on the left shoulder as a starting point of the golf swing, you can be sure that the shoulders are right from the start.


Now that we had known the left shoulder in golf swing technique, there are some key points that we need to remember. There are some practices we can incorporate with the technique to ensure that we can better playing golf. 

Avoid using your wrist. There are some instances that when the player allows their wrist to take action, it ends up they lose control of the club. Oftentimes, players are not able to swing the club on the ball direction, worst they are not able to hit the ball. Series of adjustments should be done if the player insists on using their wrist. 


Keep calm. Most of golf players have erratic thoughts and not focus while they are in the course. The pressure on their head affects their play and oftentimes they missed on swinging right to the ball. It is advised that prior to playing golf, players should have clear their minds and keep calm.


Harmony. Aside from the techniques, having an aligned thought and kinetics is one of the most important parts of playing golf. When you start the swing with your left shoulder, it should be relatively easy to establish a smooth rhythm that can carry you all the way up to the top of the swing and down toward impact. Golfers who use their hands to start the swing tend to rush, forcing the club back too quickly. 


Now, that you know one of the techniques in Golf, try to grab your club and rush to the court and let us practice that swing.

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