My Thoughts About Wrist Hinge Golf Swing

My thoughts about wrist hinge golf swing

If the sport of golf were to appear as a person, it would probably be David Copperfield, because it is in itself a master of illusions. For, what is perceived by those that have no experience with the sport as something relatively as easy as “Just take a club and swing” is in reality riddled with the same levels of complexity in the areas of technique and form as any other sport, and it is undoubtedly this which separates the average golfer from a true professional. The sport of golf demands, from those who decide to dabble in it, an understanding of the physics at play and the ability to exploit it to the golfer’s benefit.

As is obvious, the first step in the long path to golfing success is swing, for the ball does not fly on its own. In order to generate the perfect amount of power in the swing, the wrist must naturally begin to hinge. A perfect wrist-hinge is the first step in perfecting your swing., and as simple as it sounds, it requires a level of practice to attain. On either extreme of the spectrum, that is, too much and too less hinge, the consequences are the same and disastrous- loss in power. The silver lining here is that it does not necessarily have to be a felt-out process, you can know when your wrist hinge has attained perfection. ‘Golf-info-guide’ suggests that the perfect hinge is attained when “the toes point directly to the sky” when the clubhead is at waist height.

After a successful setting comes time for release. Releasing either too late or too early can be catastrophic to your swing. An early release will consequentially have a weaker swing, which will be detrimental to your play. A late release, on the other hand, will cause an unnecessary amount of sidespin to your flight, and this is obviously just as bad.


My thoughts about wrist hinge golf swing

The only way to avoid these issues is for the wrist hinge to come about naturally. Forcing a wrist hinge too much can cause wrists to inadvertently tense and thus stiffen. In trying to precise your wrist hinge too much, an unnecessary amount of conscious effort is taken in performing something as simple as moving one’s wrists, thereby causing timing issues.

There is one other piece to the puzzle: Practice. A good swing comes about from knowing the reason behind a thousand bad ones and avoiding them when the time comes. Practicing your wrist hinge will be what unveils the reason behind its failure. The pursuit of perfection emphasized here does not come with a checklist of steps that can be done before and during a swing to act as a magic wand, rather, completely rests on practice. The practice is what ensures your mastery in the sport. It is what will undoubtedly determine your skill set, and it is the only thing that can take you to perfection.

The sport of golf is in no way easy. Something as simple as a wrist hinge becomes a key part to technique, and mastering will require a lot of practice and a keen eye to error correction, but will undoubtedly be what sets you apart from the amateurs, and give your play the boost you deserve.

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